Do More to Recycle & Compost

We had a successful compost event at GEC changing rooms Hillmorton rd 11th March. Thanks to master composters john 7 sandy Young and the “Love food Hate Waste” team. Compost bins were sold at knock down prices £30.00 instead of over £180.00 for what is called a green johanna manufactured Sweden, well worth a look. There are plenty of offers on the go in regard to compost bins.

Also the Warwickshire Waste Partnership has taken place well worth looking at the  presentations  

Rugby Borough Council Green Bin Tax

Rugby Borough Council is set to meet on Tuesday 28th Febuary to debate budgets and Council Tax PAPERS DOWNLOAD, the Green Bin extra tax is on the agenda after we tried to get both Labour and Conservatives to change there minds. Rugby Borough Council is heading towards greater financial problems also with a widening gap over the medium term, still no sponsorship for the Hall of Fame. With up and coming elections residents can send a powerful message by not voting Conservative.

Warwickshire County Council elections 4 May 2017

All change

It will be all change at Warwickshire County Council in May. Following a review from the Boundary Commission the number of County Councillors will reduce from 62 to 57 and the areas called Divisions will shift to single member divisions. This means all change. For instance, half of Boundary Road will merge into the newly created Hillmorton County Council Ward.  Some of you may remember the old divisions well we are heading back to roughly where we were then.

Why Vote

Council Tax is decided by Councillors, locally the Green Bin Charge was decided by Councillors

Are you registered to vote?

Compost Revolution




Saturday 11 March

From 9:30am until 1:30pm.

GEC Changing rooms of Hillmorton Road


Drop In Community event to improve how we recycle food & green waste.

Your local Councillors have teamed up with Master Composters John and Sandy Young.

Also invited Love Food Hate Waste (

This community event is to showcase what action we can take as individuals with food and green waste.

Slim Your Bin really good way of earning points ad recycling at the same time.

Rugby Borough Council is set to charge you £40.00 per green bin


Jerry Roodhouse

[email protected]


Mobile07768 058353

Lib Dems give Thumbs Down on Green Bins Stopping

thumbs-down-green-bin-1What is happening?


On 3 October 2016, Conservative Councillors who make up the Cabinet that run Rugby Borough Council decided to stop your Green Bin collection for three months from the 19 December. This is a cost cutting exercise that has been done without consulting residents and other Councillors. We know that there is less green waste over winter but the Green Bins are used for food waste as well and this will impact on the people of Rugby. This cut is expected to save around £25,000 with Cabinet papers reporting an additional £400,000 cut to recycling and waste in the long term. Warwickshire County Council says it cost the extra in the region of £30,000 utter madness we say as it is public money


Why are we concerned? Rugby Liberal Democrats believe that Rugby Borough Council should have taken action sooner. The Council should have also continued to run a full education programme to tell residents about recycling but instead they left the Environmental Education Officer post empty. The Tory Council do not seem to have an action plan for recycling in Rugby. Is this just the start or will the Council want to start charging more for all bin collections in the future?


What do Rugby Liberal Democrats want?


  • Residents to have at least a monthly Green Bin collection over the Christmas period.
  • A more joined up approach to waste and recycling with Warwickshire County Council.
  • Offer discounted food digesters and composters to households instead of stopping collections.
  • Utilise expert advice about how to develop community compost areas.
  • Rugby Borough Council should be investigating new technology.


What can you do?


  1. Contact Rugby Borough Council to complain about the decision to cut Green Bins at Christmas Email: [email protected] or Telephone: 01788 533533
  2. Support Rugby Lib Dems call for at least a minimum monthly collection over Christmas
  3. Support Rugby Lib Dems call for discounted composters and food waste digesters for households
  4. Support Lib Dems in urging this Conservative Council to do more with WRAP (waste resources action programme) visit
  5. Please fill this form in MAKE your views known


Cycle Way on its Way

2016-08-16 15.57.47 Ctcle way 1

Jerry inspecting the new cycle way

I met with Urban and Civic on a regular meeting to follow the work that we have been involved in from the early days. Good to see progress and the site taking shape. One off the main items we have been pressing on is the offset footway and cycleway along the A428 connecting DIRFT to Hillmorton . This will be open by the end of October this year. The first primary school looks set for September 2017 well in advance of the house building programme which will start later on this year and start to see residents moving in next year.

Urban & Civic will be at our Community Forum at Ashlawn School Thursday 22 September 2016, 6.30-8.30pm.2016-08-16 15.55.19 Cycle way


‘Park your cars right and save a life’ says Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service

Park-it-right-web-bannerSupport this ‘Park your cars right and save a life’ says Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service

Click for more info

In the last 2 years, firefighters have been unable to get as close as they could to an incident on 39 separate occasions. This has led to firefighters asking residents to stop and think – would a fire engine be able to drive down your road and get to your house quickly in an emergency?

In a bid to make people think and to encourage residents to park their vehicles in the right way, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service have launched a ‘Park it Right’ campaign which aims to highlight the potential dangers drivers cause when they double park or obstruct tight corners.

The campaign warns that they not only risk other people’s lives in an emergency, but applianceshave the right to remove vehicles if it means getting to the fire more quickly. The vehicle response time could also mean the difference between crews attending a fatality or saving a life.

Talking about the campaign, Rugby Fire Officer, John Gregory said: “I was at the scene of an incident recently where crews were called to a house fire. Unfortunately due to inappropriate parking, the fire appliance was unable to manoeuvre around certain vehicles on the road and firefighters were severely delayed in getting to the incident.

“This is clearly unacceptable and I want people to understand that they have a responsibility to ensure that we can gain access on the street they park in.

John continued: “Crews have found that driving along certain roads across the county, particularly in Rugby, Nuneaton, Warwick and Stratford areas is becoming a hindrance to our jobs.

“Every second counts when someone needs our help and spending additional minutes trying to drive around other cars could ultimately have drastic consequences. It’s crucial to remember if the fire engine can’t pass through, we can’t get to you”.

Roland Bayley, Station Commander at Rugby Fire Station added: “We have leafleted the most congested streets in those areas most affected but this only has a small impact for a short period of time and is a very time consuming task. The only option we have left is to educate the public to be mindful of their parking habits.

“We will be sharing updates on our social media pages using the hashtag #ParkItRight and encourage the public to spread the word. We have also created a ‘5 Steps to Park it Right‘ guide which should make people more aware of how simple it is to park it right and save a life.

“Just remember, we could be trying to get to your home or to your friends and family in an emergency, so please don’t stop us doing our very important job.”

“EU referendum: Lib Dems needed more than ever in fight for Britain’s future

JR web smallA message from Cllr Jerry Roodhouse

The people have spoken and the UK will now start the process of leaving the European Union. There must be no talk of delay, nor of a u-turn: the decision has been made.

I am immensely proud of the role the Liberal Democrats have played in the referendum campaign. As is so often the case, the media ignored us but where we made our voices heard on the ground, in our communities, we made a difference.

Whether a Remain campaign with more of Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and less of David Cameron would have had a different outcome we can only speculate, but I am absolutely certain it would have been a more inspiring campaign that would have better connected with the people of Britain.

So what next? The Prime Minister has failed and is resigning. The money markets are terrified. The Leave campaign has made promises to the British people they will struggle to keep. And the Liberal Democrats have never been needed more.

Never have we needed more a party that looks outward, not inward. A party that sees the best in people, not the worst. A party that believes our future lies in playing a full and active part in the world, not in retreating behind the barricades of a mythical Little England that never was.

The Liberal Democrats have an important job to do over the coming years and the fate of our country and its people relies on our success. The Referendum was not of our choice but when it came we did not shirk and we did not shrink. We fought with every fibre of our being for our positive vision for Britain and we will continue to do so.

I invite everyone who shares our vision to join us today and to get active in the fight for our country – Britain needs the Liberal Democrats like never before and the Liberal Democrats need you.

Cllr Jerry Roodhouse